Thursday, 1 September 2016

How to Recyle Your Old Electronics

Many people don’t recognize the importance of recycling especially the old electronics maybe because they’re too lazy or just don’t know how to do it. However, it’s really important that all files and information stored into your hard drive are kept clean and transferred to other storage devices before you get rid of your old electronics. offers recycling of old gadgets and electronic devices and may even give you discounts or gifts cards depending on the value of your device.

Today, millions of electronics have been bought and used every day by people around the world. All these electronics have a great share of the tons of wastes once they are no longer used.

Generally, these electronic devices leave hundreds of waste materials alongside the plastics it consists. There are other substances located on every electronics such as cathode ray tube screens, selenium in circuit boards and cadmium in semiconductors. These substances are all posing harm and danger to the environment if not disposed properly. Moreover, it’s not only dangerous to the environment but also to the health of people.

Luckily, there are several options nowadays to help people dispose old electronics such as recycling them to various online recycling centers such as If you really want to live in a healthy environment, help save the environment from harmful substances found on the electronic devices. Here are some of the tips on how to recycle your old electronics:

1.      Recycling with Stopoint

Various recyclers such as Stopoint will help you erase personal information saved into your old electronic devices, but they can also aid you in transferring the content to your handy storage device. Just be sure to wipe out all data stored in the internal storage to make sure no illicit information will be shared before you bring it into recycling centers. Whether it is an old cellphone, computer, tablet or laptop, you must secure first all data and files before submitting for recycle.

2.      Return to manufacturer

Many electronic manufacturers have recycling programs that are mandatory for most cities who implement strictly the care for Mother Nature. These manufacturers can actually accept old electronics from consumers without any cost and might give you something in return. Among the big companies that offer recycling programs are Apple, LG, Samsung, Dell, HP, Canon and Sony.

3.      Donate to institutions

If your old electronics are still working properly, choose among the many charitable institutions and organizations that accept second hand donations for them to recycle and re-use. These institutions will then use them for various fund raising or donate them again to needy people. Don’t forget once you donate them include all accessories such as chargers and keyboards if necessary so they will not have a hard time trying to turn it on.

4.      Donate to local government agencies

Many local government agencies are now offering recycling programs that accept donations of electronic devices that are not used but can still work properly. Such assistances include day care centers, local health centers and preschool. They can either re-use it for the use their agency as to cut off other expenses in purchasing new electronic devices and gadgets.

Key Note

Disposing of old and unused electronic devices may be a hard time for you and think it’s such a waste of time and effort. But, think twice recycling these old but useful devices can still be helpful to other people. That’s why don’t dispose them and instantly throw them away to the trash, instead look for a recycling center that will help you dispose it such as at were they can assist you with all your bulk devices. In addition, you don’t have to worry about recycling because you don’t have to pay for any fee.

Instead of pouring into the problem of the nation’s waste materials flocking the landfill and destroying the environment, you should be responsible for recycling and disposing old electronic devices in a safe and secure manner. In fact, by doing recycling you are actually doing something good to the environment and make you feel proud that in a way you helped in making a big difference.

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