Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Earn More on Your Electronics

How to sell my iPhone for cash?

You’ve probably had your iPhone with you for a long time, and got a couple of other phones, an iPod and an old tablet stashed away in the closet. Find out if they are in a decent working condition, because, if they are, someone, somewhere in the world will happily pay good money for them.

Trade-in sites like Stopoint.com act as a middle layer, that connects those who want to sell their old electronics for money to those who want to buy them. It’s a big, growing industry. According to Gartner, the market for refurbished phones was worth $7 billion in 2014 and is projected to be worth $14 billion by 2017 - this is HUGE.

So, can you take advantage of the large second hand market for old electronics and make money from it? You are sure, as long as you know where to sell. You can sell at traditional platforms such as eBay and Craigslist, but there is no guarantee that you will find a buyer here, as there are literally millions of products on sale on these sites - which means your old electronics can get lost in the crowd. It is particularly difficult to make an impression on eBay. Plus, you are required to pay a seller fee and a fee for the listing, which cuts into 
your profit margin.

That’s why trade-in programs such as Stopoint.com are so popular. When you sell to a trade-in program, you can be sure that your old electronics will be bought, as long as it is in a decent working condition and matches your description of it. There are no back and forth conversations with the buyer, and the whole thing is pretty much hassle free. 

Okay! So where should I sell my iPhone 5s?

Let’s look at some of the popular trade-in sites where you can sell your old iPhone 5S and other tech gadgets for cash.

Gazelle - Gazelle is one of the most popular trade-in programs that has been in business since 2006. Gazelle mainly buys Apple products  sends money by PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards, depending on your choice. But here’s the problem - Gazelle takes 7 to 10 days to send your payment by PayPal, which is really quite slow. You want your money faster.

Amazon Trade-In - Amazon has a decent trade-in program, and pays good money too. But they don’t give you cash - you will be paid in the form of Amazon Gift Cards and can use the money to buy stuff on Amazon. So if it’s cash that you are looking for, Amazon is not the place to sell your old electronics.
 It’s the same with trade-in programs offered by other major retailers such as Best Buy, Target and Wal-Mart. You will be paid in store credits, and not in cash.

Swappa - Swappa is a popular site for selling old electronics, which is similar to eBay but has no listing fees. However, Swappa is a victim of its own popularity, there are millions of products on sale at Swappa; so it is very hard for your stuff to get noticed in the crowd.
Stopoint.com - Stopoint.com is a young startup that has a trade-in program that is very similar in operation to Gazelle, except that Stopoint.com offers a Price Match Guarantee, where you are guaranteed to get a higher price for your electronics than what you would get from any other trade-in program on the internet.
 While Gazelle takes 7 to 10 days to send your payment, Stopoint.com takes less than 24 hours (after receiving your old electronics) to send the payment by PayPal. You don’t have to pay for the shipping either - it’s free, as you will be sent a prepaid FedEx shipping label.

You can call the Stopoint.com customer support at 1(888) 246-4919 or email Stopoint HQ at support@stopoint.com.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Alternatives to Sending Old Electronics to Landfills

If you have old electronics that you don’t use anymore, there’s one thing you should never do – never dump electronics items into the trash. That’s because electronics contain toxic metals that contaminate the ground water. Also, the plastics used in these products add to the carbon footprint and are extremely damaging to the environment. So, you should reconsider your decision to send old electronics to landfills.

Instead, you can simply donate the item to a worthy charity or to someone in need. Or, you can have it recycled. Check out non-profits such as e-Stewards Recycler, EPA's Electronics Donation, etc. You will find recycling tips on the EPA website.

Donating your old electronics sounds like a good idea, but not a great one because, let’s face it, you get nothing in return for it, and what you really want is to sell the old electronics for precious cash. So, you can try selling the products online, on eBay or Craiglist. But here’s the problem with selling on eBay – eBay charges a seller fee and pockets a percentage of the sales price.

So what about Craiglist? Sure, selling on Craiglist is free, but there are far too many scammers on Craiglist. You really cannot trust anyone there. Sure, while a majority of the buyers here are decent people, but there are a few bad apples that really bring a bad name to the site.

There are brick and mortar trade-ins, where you are required to take the devices to the store, where an assistant will evaluate them and in return, you will be given store merchandise credit – not cash.

These programs are really beneficial to retailers, but not all that great for you because you are tied to a particular store and the credit can only be used to buy products from the store – you cannot exchange it for cash.

Apple offers such a credit as well – in exchange for old iPhones, so that you can upgrade to a new iPhone model. There are many who like this model, and while it keeps old phones and electronics out of landfills, it may not be the solution you are looking for, as it doesn’t give you what you want most – cash! These programs limit you to the products offered at a particular store, and don’t offer cash in return. 

That’s why trade-in sites such as Stopoint.com are so great. The process here is the same as that at trade-in stores, but instead of store credit, you get cash in return – which is what most people want for their phones, tablets and other electronics. 

Stopoint.com offers a Price Match Guarantee, which means it offers a higher price for your electronics than you would get anywhere else. It’s guaranteed! 

You can sell your old iPhones, Apple Watches, iPad, iPod, tablets, Apple TV, iMac, and MacBook Pro and Air to Stopoint.com. It’s just a matter of filling up details about the product on the Stopoint.com website, following which you will be sent an instant quote with a price that comes with a 30-day lock-in guarantee, plus a free FedEx shipping label. 

So just ship the product to Stopoint.com, and get paid for it via PayPal within 24 hours after the company receives the product, or within 3 days if you prefer to get paid by check.

Sure, there are other better known trade-in services such as Gazelle.com that pretty much do the same thing. But the difference is that Gazelle.com takes 7 to 10 days to send you the money after receiving the product – surely you can’t wait so long! That’s why it makes so much sense to sell your old electronics to Stopoint.com.

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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Online sell Computers - Stopoint

Online sell Computers

Sell your old phones used electronics online for cash at Stopoint. Get the most money for your smartphones, MacBooks other electronics. Free shipping and 24-hr payment!

Thursday, 1 September 2016

How to Recyle Your Old Electronics

Many people don’t recognize the importance of recycling especially the old electronics maybe because they’re too lazy or just don’t know how to do it. However, it’s really important that all files and information stored into your hard drive are kept clean and transferred to other storage devices before you get rid of your old electronics.

Stopoint.com offers recycling of old gadgets and electronic devices and may even give you discounts or gifts cards depending on the value of your device.

Today, millions of electronics have been bought and used every day by people around the world. All these electronics have a great share of the tons of wastes once they are no longer used.

Generally, these electronic devices leave hundreds of waste materials alongside the plastics it consists. There are other substances located on every electronics such as cathode ray tube screens, selenium in circuit boards and cadmium in semiconductors. These substances are all posing harm and danger to the environment if not disposed properly. Moreover, it’s not only dangerous to the environment but also to the health of people.

Luckily, there are several options nowadays to help people dispose old electronics such as recycling them to various online recycling centers such as Stopoint.com. If you really want to live in a healthy environment, help save the environment from harmful substances found on the electronic devices. Here are some of the tips on how to recycle your old electronics:

1.      Recycling with Stopoint

Various recyclers such as Stopoint will help you erase personal information saved into your old electronic devices, but they can also aid you in transferring the content to your handy storage device. Just be sure to wipe out all data stored in the internal storage to make sure no illicit information will be shared before you bring it into recycling centers. Whether it is an old cellphone, computer, tablet or laptop, you must secure first all data and files before submitting for recycle.

2.      Return to manufacturer

Many electronic manufacturers have recycling programs that are mandatory for most cities who implement strictly the care for Mother Nature. These manufacturers can actually accept old electronics from consumers without any cost and might give you something in return. Among the big companies that offer recycling programs are Apple, LG, Samsung, Dell, HP, Canon and Sony.

3.      Donate to institutions

If your old electronics are still working properly, choose among the many charitable institutions and organizations that accept second hand donations for them to recycle and re-use. These institutions will then use them for various fund raising or donate them again to needy people. Don’t forget once you donate them include all accessories such as chargers and keyboards if necessary so they will not have a hard time trying to turn it on.

4.      Donate to local government agencies

Many local government agencies are now offering recycling programs that accept donations of electronic devices that are not used but can still work properly. Such assistances include day care centers, local health centers and preschool. They can either re-use it for the use their agency as to cut off other expenses in purchasing new electronic devices and gadgets.

Key Note

Disposing of old and unused electronic devices may be a hard time for you and think it’s such a waste of time and effort. But, think twice recycling these old but useful devices can still be helpful to other people. That’s why don’t dispose them and instantly throw them away to the trash, instead look for a recycling center that will help you dispose it such as at www.stopoint.com were they can assist you with all your bulk devices. In addition, you don’t have to worry about recycling because you don’t have to pay for any fee.

Instead of pouring into the problem of the nation’s waste materials flocking the landfill and destroying the environment, you should be responsible for recycling and disposing old electronic devices in a safe and secure manner. In fact, by doing recycling you are actually doing something good to the environment and make you feel proud that in a way you helped in making a big difference.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Earn More for your MacBook with this Company

If there is a MacBook your house and it is not being used, there is no reason to keep it in your house. When you don’t even remember the last time when you used this MacBook, what is the purpose of keeping it in your house? You must sell this MacBook, get some money and spend it the way you want. At least it will save some space in your house. 

Most of the people think that let the unwanted things stay at the home as there may come a time when you need it again. Well it is totally a wrong concept. Most of us know what we need and when. If you really had the need of MacBook, what is it doing in the room expect occupying the space. You need to sell it immediately. You can do many other things with the money you will earn after selling the Mac. You can have a latest model of any product you like etc. There are many advantages of selling the unwanted or old MacBook.


You will be able to make a reasonable amount of money with your MacBook. Don’t waste the time and get this task completed today as the price you will get today is not the one that you will get tomorrow. Technology is getting better and better day by day. If you waited for long, you may miss this golden opportunity of making some money from your Mac.

Making space:

As the Mac is now occupying some valuable space, you will be able to free that space and place something more attractive and appealing in place of that. When you will sell you MacBook, you will see that the room looks more beautiful and cleaner. It is now gadget free. It will definitely bring some smile of your face and your friends will also love it when they will visit you. It will make the environment friendly.

Much more than expectations:

You bought your Mac long ago and now you have no idea what will you get. You may think that you will only get a few dollars. But it is not the case. There are many companies like Stopoint that offers much more than your expectations and you can’t simply say no to that offer. So you will be able to make money more than your imagination.

Fast cash:

The most important thing is that there is no need to wait for so long. In presence of so many different options you will be able to sell the Mac within few hours and get the payment.
One may ask where to sell. As I already mentioned, Stopoint is one of the companies that value your electronics. If are looking to sell it on any online store or any local market, you are making the mistake. They are not trust worthy people. You are selling you Mac and you need to make sure that the one whom you are selling is trustworthy. Another thing is that you will not get a reasonable amount when you will sell the products at any online store. It is a common sense that all of us want maximum money from our old Mac. 

Stopoint will offer you the best possible price depending upon the condition of the Mac. When you are selling your Mac at www.stopoint.com you simply need not to worry about your personal data as the company will remove all the data at the very first when they will receive the Mac. You must also ensure that you remove all of the important files and data that are present in your Mac. Once you have sold the Mac on Stopoint, peace of mind is guaranteed. There is no way that you will not like the services offered by them. The company is continuously working for the well being of the users.