Thursday, 13 October 2016

Alternatives to Sending Old Electronics to Landfills

If you have old electronics that you don’t use anymore, there’s one thing you should never do – never dump electronics items into the trash. That’s because electronics contain toxic metals that contaminate the ground water. Also, the plastics used in these products add to the carbon footprint and are extremely damaging to the environment. So, you should reconsider your decision to send old electronics to landfills.

Instead, you can simply donate the item to a worthy charity or to someone in need. Or, you can have it recycled. Check out non-profits such as e-Stewards Recycler, EPA's Electronics Donation, etc. You will find recycling tips on the EPA website.

Donating your old electronics sounds like a good idea, but not a great one because, let’s face it, you get nothing in return for it, and what you really want is to sell the old electronics for precious cash. So, you can try selling the products online, on eBay or Craiglist. But here’s the problem with selling on eBay – eBay charges a seller fee and pockets a percentage of the sales price.

So what about Craiglist? Sure, selling on Craiglist is free, but there are far too many scammers on Craiglist. You really cannot trust anyone there. Sure, while a majority of the buyers here are decent people, but there are a few bad apples that really bring a bad name to the site.

There are brick and mortar trade-ins, where you are required to take the devices to the store, where an assistant will evaluate them and in return, you will be given store merchandise credit – not cash.

These programs are really beneficial to retailers, but not all that great for you because you are tied to a particular store and the credit can only be used to buy products from the store – you cannot exchange it for cash.

Apple offers such a credit as well – in exchange for old iPhones, so that you can upgrade to a new iPhone model. There are many who like this model, and while it keeps old phones and electronics out of landfills, it may not be the solution you are looking for, as it doesn’t give you what you want most – cash! These programs limit you to the products offered at a particular store, and don’t offer cash in return. 

That’s why trade-in sites such as are so great. The process here is the same as that at trade-in stores, but instead of store credit, you get cash in return – which is what most people want for their phones, tablets and other electronics. offers a Price Match Guarantee, which means it offers a higher price for your electronics than you would get anywhere else. It’s guaranteed! 

You can sell your old iPhones, Apple Watches, iPad, iPod, tablets, Apple TV, iMac, and MacBook Pro and Air to It’s just a matter of filling up details about the product on the website, following which you will be sent an instant quote with a price that comes with a 30-day lock-in guarantee, plus a free FedEx shipping label. 

So just ship the product to, and get paid for it via PayPal within 24 hours after the company receives the product, or within 3 days if you prefer to get paid by check.

Sure, there are other better known trade-in services such as that pretty much do the same thing. But the difference is that takes 7 to 10 days to send you the money after receiving the product – surely you can’t wait so long! That’s why it makes so much sense to sell your old electronics to

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